The Static Caravan Holidays Directory

The Static Caravan Holidays Directory is an easy to use directory of static caravans in the UK and the Channel Islands. On this site you will find holiday parks broken down by area of the UK and then organized in an easy to use list where you can order them by name or location, you can also use the tabs along the top of the page or these links below as a starting point:

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The Static Caravan Holidays Directory is committed to supporting UK tourism by promoting UK holidays to UK residents and visitors from outside of the UK. We believe that the UK has some of the best scenery, history and culture in the world that should be experienced by all and that static holiday caravans are an outstanding type of accommodation that are ideally suited to the UK climate. Quite simply a static caravan holiday can offer an excellent quality of accommodation, in an excellent location, with great facilities – and all of this comes at a very reasonable price.

The appeal of static caravans is universal; many of the cheap static caravan holidays will appeal to groups of younger people looking to celebrate their end of year exams. At the opposite end of this though there are holiday parks which are quieter and more reserved for people that would wish for a peaceful and more relaxing holiday. Whether you want a quiet and peaceful holiday or a more lively holiday you are sure to find a holiday park or privately owned caravan that will suit your needs. Many of them will even allow you to bring your pets along too!

Some of the larger holiday parks that you can find are ideally suited to family that have children of different ages as they will often have entertainment facilities such as children’s clubs and exciting adventure playgrounds to cater for different age groups. Rest assured that at these sorts of holiday parks your children will be kept entertained regardless of what the weather is doing out side so you can have a peaceful holiday too.

We hope that you find the Static Caravan Holidays Directory a useful source of information and feel free to contact us with any suggestions by using the contact form.

Happy Holidays!